October 2016 ::: Eros

     We have great news! The Aydeen family is richer for another member. Unexpected, but we couldn't resist! As our new hope for the future we welcome another tricolour jewel, Eros - Dashing Raven Knight of the Windy Lands!

Eros 4 months

    Eros comes from the breeding of my very good and longtime friend Mojca - Collies of the Windy Lands and is combining some of the world's most respected and known lines! His mother is English import - JCh Gemheid Light of My Life, one of the rare collies that have also genetically clear eyes (CEA DNA carrier!). His father is living in Italy and is currently the most successful show collie in Europe! - the wonderful Multi JCh One Extraordinary Blu di Cambiano!

Piaf with his owner Gianpaolo Falleto :)

    Eros is living in co-ownership together with my good friend Anja and he enjoys all the fun with his cat friends, 2 doggies and all the animals that they have on their farm :) thank you Anja for your trust, you make a super pair with Eros! :)

  In October Eros enjoyed his show debut at IDS Lipica, where he received very promising and was Best Puppy in breed, well done Eros! I am looking forward to all the shows with you in the future :)

Eros 5 months

  2016 ::: Planned litters

     The decision has been made - we are going to mate our girls abroad! More information about the chosen combinations on puppies More ->


  28.12.2015 ::: Lynn, holidays, plans

     We had a super show season with Lynn this year. In only 3 shows in Slovenia, she was 3 times excellent, Junior Winner, JBOB and 2 times even BOB over adult champions! Many times also chosen in shortcut in BIS... and she was not only a year old yet! With these achievements she fulfilled all the conditions to become Slovenian Junior Champion!
Wonderful job our girl and her owners family Drašler, thank you so much for all your help and wonderful care of Lynn! More ->


         As to our puppy plans... 2015 was definetly not our year. I'm kind of glad it is about to end and we can make a fresh start with lots of optimism, good will and hope. We have BIG plans in 2016 and it makes me so excited to strive to fulfill them all.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho

C'mon universe... a little help here. Stay tuned, because there is a lot to come... :)

Happy holidays and all the best to you all! 



  10.9.2015 ::: Something new

     Our pack enlarged during the Spring, we have a newcomer! A black beauty by the name of KRYSTALMIST EUPHORIA, or Lynn for friends, joined us and the Drašler family. She arrived from the UK and is a daughter of Blaizy, our girlie from A litter that lives in Scotland. More ->


  12.9.2013 ::: A major update

   I think after months of not updating the site, which is horrible, it is finally time that I sum up everything that has happened in these past few months. We visited lots of shows during spring and summer and collected quite a few nice results! With Heaven I visited 2 CAC shows in Croatia and she gained 1xCAC and 1xR.CAC. Ben on the other hand was way more active. With the last show in Hrušica, Slovenia, in May, he finished his puppy career with VP1 and then started in Umag, Croatia, as a junior. With 5 shows, he gained 5x excellent, 3x JCAC and with just 9 months quickly completed the requirements for the title of Croatian Junior Champion! Well done our dear boy, there's a lot more ahead of us :)

   This must be my favourite photo of him. With 9 months of age:


      Together with Heaven, these two make a wonderful duo to enjoy shows with :)

      During summer Ben also spent some time with us and we all really enjoyed it. With both girls in season, the boys had lots of time for bonding and having fun.

          Ero and his owner Jasmina visited us and I could finally take a family photo of the trio :)

Aydeen Arrow of Luck - Ero, mum Androma Katerina - Ruby and Aydeen A Touch of Heaven - Heaven

           Meanwhile in Finland, Amber was successfully mated and had her first litter in the middle of July. 4 puppies were born, 1 tricolour boy and 3 girls, 1 dark sable and 2 tricolour. The sire of the litter is Say Wuf Con Fuoco "Miro" and all of the pups are CEA clear carriers by parentage, which makes me really happy.. More healthy collies!;)

 The tricolour boy Veralan Ferrari is still looking for his loving forever home. In my opinion he is the pick of the litter and would be a great asset to any kennel :) For more info contact Katja at Veralan Collies.

      In August, my dear friend Mojca (Collies of Windy Lands) participated in the annual Wicani Jamboree in England at Wicani Collies :) Unfortunately, I couldn't go, because I had other things at the time :( but she also stopped by our friend and owner of Blaizy, Annita, and took some lovely shots of our darling Blaizy - Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza, who is now being trained also as a mobility dog. So proud of you girls!

Thank you Mojca! I must not forget to mention, that the Aydeen show team is also sponsored by Mojca and her Unique Show Leads. Fabulous leads of excellent quality and they really make a dog stand out, shine in the ring! 

I added some new photos on the personal pages of our collies and new results. We're planning at least 1 litter next year and hope to import a puppy from abroad, both being very exciting and fabulous combinations. Message me in case you're interested, I'm also looking for co-owners!:)


  23.2.2013 ::: Ero & Ben

   Once again I visited Jasmina and our Ero - Aydeen Arrow of Luck, who is becoming a beautiful young man :)

    Ben is growing up and becoming nicer every day... this is how he looks now at 5 months :)


  27.1.2013 ::: Hello 2013!

     Starting the 2013 with a bang! First I received great news regarding Heaven's health results... she is MDR1 +/- and DM N/N! Next up is hip scoring, hope all is ok :)

      The following event was the first show weekend in Slovenia - CACIB Ljubljana - with the annual Special Show for British Sheepdogs. This year we had a lovely judge, Mr. Hugh Jones from the UK.. a true breed specialist. Heaven was 2x CAC at the CACIB shows and with that she finished her Slovenian Junior Champion title! At the Specialty she was exc. 1, CAC and Club Winner female for 2013!
     But that was not the only lovely result we received.. together with Heaven also our new hope for the future was entered at the show. Yes, that's right, there is a new member among Aydeen Collies.. although he is not living with us. I've admired this boy since the day he was born. There is just something really special about him and we could not let him go. Co-owned and living at Androma Collies is our new star, Androma Prince Caspian - ''Ben''. He is Ruby's half brother, they share the same dam, the fantastic CH Androma Goddess of Winter Days, and his sire is a boy of some of the best, pure English bloodlines - Rossavon Moonlight Tango.
     Little Ben made his show debut at the Special Show and the judge just adored him.. so the following results were: VP 1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby and Reserve SUPREME BIS! We we all very happy and so delighted! I'm sure there is a bright future ahead of this lovely young boy and together with his co-owner Andreja, we're gonna make sure we make that happen! :)

For more info, check Ben's new page under My dogs.


  31.12.2012 ::: Looking back...

     It's been a great year... there were ups and downs, but life without that is simply not interesting :) I'm looking forward to all that is waiting for us in the next year and I wish all the best to all my friends, may 2013 be a fantastic year!

    P.S.: There's something new coming up at Aydeen.. check through the site and you might get a hint what is is ;)


  31.12.2012 ::: A lot has happened...

     So many updates, but so little time. There's been a lot going on, but I'll try to make it short.

     First off, in July, my good friend Mojca and I set off to Finland! Our main goal was to visit our puppies- Amber (Aydeen Amber Firefly) & Damon (Absolute Dynamite of the Windy Lands), but we also took opportunity to visit many other of our friends, including some great Finnish kennels.. such as: Silverlady's, Carnoustie's, Windy Forest's, Veralan, Leaftribe and Dispiritos :) I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, kindness, very educating collie talk and GREAT FOOD, haha! :) Finland certainly is one of my favourite countries in the world now, we had a fabulous time! Icing on the cake was meeting Amber after a good year:

With my dear Amber <3

   After that we had a break with shows as Heaven was totally coatless. We came back into the ring in October, at CACIB Koper. The judges were Jadranka Mijatović, HR and Elina Haapaniemi, FIN.. both gave exc. 2, R.CAC to Heaven in intermedia.

   Meanwhile I visited our Ero again.. he's still the funny and loving boy as he was when still a puppy :) But on the outside, he's certainly becoming a truly handsome man.

Aydeen Arrow of Luck

   We also had a nice meeting with the puppies from our A and Windy Lands' A litter.. Unfortunately out of 5 Slovenian Aydeens, only 3 could make it: Heaven, Asi and Luna. Regardless, we spent a lovely afternoon at the lake Cerknica, where the dogs also decided to have some more fun and swim.

Aydeen Ace of Spades- Asi, Aydeen A Touch of Heaven- Heaven and Aydeen April Dream- Luna, with owners:)

Luna was totally coatless at that time, but still looking nice:

Asi on the other hand, totally enjoyed bringing sticks back from the water..

   Our spoiled Scottish girl Blaize passed the test to become an approved Therapet! Congratulations dear Annita on this achievement, wish you both lots of great work together! :)

  And the last great news I received was from Katja & Amber.. first official health results for this litter, Amber is ED 0/0, HD A/A! Sooo happy!! :)


  15.6.2012 ::: New champions

     Some news from our darling Blaize from Scotland. Not only that she's learning and enjoying in agility and dog therapy, and also loves being naughty all the time, she's also starting her show career! On her first show since being in her new home she was placed exc. 3rd in open class!! Well done Blaize & Annita, so proud!!

Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza at Krystalmist

     We had a really lovely weekend in Croatia- Umag. This time all 3 of my darlings were shown. Androma Eternal Flame- Lord successfully gained his title of Croatian Champion, CH HR the first day with exc. 1, CAC, CACIB! Ruby- Androma Katerina followed with almost the same result- exc. 1, CAC, R.CACIB and also finished her title of Croatian Champion! Aydeen A Touch of Heaven - Heaven was exc. 1 JCAC, JBOB both days and on Sunday also BOB!! With these results she became Junior Champion of Croatia, JCH HR! The judges were Srečko Kukić, HR and Marija Kavčič, SLO- thank you!

Aydeen A Touch of Heaven & Androma Eternal Flame (c) Mojca Furlan


  1.6.2012 ::: Living the dream

     May was a super successful month for us! Firstly the long awaited WDS finally arrived. I couldn't wait to see some of my dear friends again. The great company and lots of collies made the weekend perfect! Of course the results were ''a cherry on top''- a big one actually :)) Heaven did oh so well again, she's such a show girl, I love her! At the WDS she was 1st excellent in youth class bitches- second biggest class at the show, and received the title of WORLD JUNIOR WINNER!!!!! I am over the moon!! So happy and so proud, still can't believe it!!! It's a dream come true :)

  She did great again the next day at the Club show, the judge was Mrs. Valerie Geddes- Ingledene, UK. Heaven was exc. 3 in youth with a super description, I'm very pleased with the result :) :)

JWW Aydeen A Touch of Heaven

      The next show following was CAC Hrušica, the judge was our club's president and breed specialist, Mrs. Lidija Okleščen. This time it was Ruby's time to shine :) Heaven was exc. 1, JCAC in youth, Ruby on the other hand was exc. 1, CAC and BOB!! Now both girls are one step before receiving their champion titles. June shows... here we come!! :)

JCH Androma Katerina- ''Ruby'' (c) Mojca Furlan

     A new photo of our pretty Finnish princess. Aydeen Amber Firefly ''Amber'' :)


  24.4.2012 ::: See you soon Blaize

     After a year, it was time for us to say ''goodbye'' to our Blaize- Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza; well not exactly goodbye, but see you soon... as I plan to visit her as quickly as possible :) We miss her terribly! She's a new addition to the Scottish kennel Krystalmist, owned by Annita MacDonald. Lots of exciting things are awaiting our gorgeous girl, I hope she'll be a great asset to Annita's Therapet team! Best of luck girls xx

Blaize and her friend Conan :)


  15.4.2012 ::: CAC Barje

     We had a superb time at one of our national shows- CAC Barje, SLO. Even though it was raining for almost the whole day, the best company and results made it one of our greatest show days. Three 'Aydeen's' were shown, under the judge Mr. Gerard Jipping, NL. Asi- Aydeen Ace of Spades (co-owned by Lidija Lah) was exc. 3 in youth, Ruby- Androma Katerina, in open, exc. 1, CAC and Heaven- Aydeen A Touch of Heaven, her second time in youth class won it all again... exc. 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB.. shorlisted in group and Junior BOG FCI 1!!! That's my girl :)

Heaven on the podium.. a big thank you to the judges!


  7.4.2012 ::: CAC Rijeka & Ero

     New show results from Croatia... I went to CAC Rijeka with Heaven- Aydeen A Touch of Heaven, first time for her in junior class. The judge was Mr. Carlos Saevich from UK and I was thrilled that we received exc. 1, J-CAC, JBOB and BOB!! We didn't have luck in the final BIS, but she was presenting herself so nicely.. I was very proud! :)

   In the beginning of April I took time to visit our 'the one and only' boy, ''Ero''- Aydeen Arrow of Luck. :) All my puppies mean the world to me, but he has a special place in my heart as he is the only boy from the litter. He's grown up into a beautiful young man with the sweetest smile ever! On top of that, his temperament is adorable. He would give kisses all day and never gets bored with retrieving toys. I can't wait to see him mature in a year or two. Thank you family Lambergar for such great care!

Aydeen Arrow of Luck- ''Ero''



  3.3.2012 ::: News from abroad & visiting or being visited :D

     New results from Finland... Aydeen Amber Firefly ''Amber'', first time in junior class, excellent 1, Junior winner, CQ (champion quality)! Well done Amber, Katja & Teija! So happy for you guys! xx

   We also visited our sweet Aydeen April Dream ''Luna'', who is having a blast with her loving owners, the Rupnik family. She is a lovely playful girl, very cheerful, tail wagging and giving kisses all the time and not to forget- also her owners are the greatest! I'm really grateful that destiny made our paths cross :) I LOVE the temperaments from this litter, couldn't be happier with such good spirited and happy puppies!

Aydeen April Dream - Luna

     Then it was our turn to be visited... and so we spent a lovely sunny morning with our Aydeen Ace of Spades ''Asi'' and her two doggie friends, Maki & Zina. It's was lovely seeing the three sisters and mum together. We managed to make a 'group shot' of the girls.. on the leash of course, without them they were constantly ''on the roll'', so it was practically mission impossible to have them all on one shot :)

Aydeen Ace of Spades - Asi, Aydeen A Touch of Heaven- Heaven, Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza- Blaize


  19.1.2012 ::: Show season 2012, here we go!

     First shows this year for us, I was especially excited for my lovely young girls to be back in the showrings. What a start we had! First one to stride down the ring was ''Blaize'', Aydeen Ablazed Extravaganza at Krystalmist, my sweet ''Scottish'' bundle of joy :) We've made her owner very happy with a lovely description and very promising 1, ''BOB puppy'' at the CACIB Ljubljana I show. Blaize will be still with us for some time and then she's off to new adventures with her dear owner Annita MacDonald and will hopefully make a great addition to Annita's Therapet team! Check Annita's website, she's doing a fantastic job with her collies! http://www.krystalmist.com/

    Following her sister's result, the next one was my darling ''Heaven'', Aydeen A Touch of Heaven, who did a great job at the Special Club Show in Ljubljana, and was very promising 1 with a great critique, BOB puppy and BIS 2 puppy!! :) She's a dream!

   To complete a successful weekend, I was most happy the following day, when I received the news from up North. My golden princess ''Amber'', Aydeen Amber Firefly, was BOB puppy at the Kajaani Int. show, 7 puppies present! I'm really happy and very proud of Amber and her owners Teija & Katja and I'm also really looking forward paying them a visit... looks like that might happen quite soon!

   Well done my girls, hope your success continues on, I love you all!


  8.12.2011 ::: Shows

  First show for Heaven at CACIB Šempeter, under judge Mr. Robin Searle, she received a lovely description, very promising 1st and was best puppy in breed! Puppy classes are important to me, because they're a nice introduction for puppies to the ''world of shows'' and I'm most glad when I see young puppies enjoying in the rings without any fear or nervousness, just having fun :) I was very pleased with both girls, Heaven and her sister Asi (Aydeen Ace of Spades) who achieved the same result the next day, but not because of the results, but because they were relaxed and casual in the crowded halls and have beautifully presented themselves :) well done girls!

   I was also very happy to receive new photos of Amber (Aydeen Amber Firefly), who is developing beautifully! Thank you Katja & Teija for taking such great care of her! xx

  I'm very much looking forward to her first shows :)


  4.11.2011 ::: A-litter meeting & Amber's departure

  First off, we said our goodbyes with our golden girl Amber the past week.. She left to a super home waaay up north! Teija & Katja, thank you for the trust you put in me, I wish you both and Amber lots and lots of successes, have lots of fun together.. I'm coming to visit soon!!

Amber is a new addition to the Windy Forests & Veralan kennels in Finland! http://www.kolumbus.fi/ukkjo/Amber.htm

  The rest of the A litter and also a couple of friends enjoyed a nice autumn walk in Lipica, we had a fantastic sunny day.. I'd like to thank everyone for their great company, I can't wait to see you all again!


  7.9.2011 ::: New show results

  A lot has happened in these past months... First of all, all our puppies got super new homes and are enjoying life with their new owners. I'm very happy for all of them! Some are still with us waiting for their time to ''fly'' to their new families :)

Aydeen Amber Firefly

  We were also very show successful! Next show after CACIB Maribor was Umag, where Lord got his 2nd CAC and r.CACIB and ''Noemi'' - Androma Noemi Blue Ice, the blue merle girl that I usually handle in the show rings, won JCAC, JunBOB and was shortlisted in the BIS, again!! After a (for me especially) long summer break from shows, we started again at CAC Samobor. Lord made me a very pleasant surprise.. winning not only CAC and BOB! BUT also BOG 2!!! Well done my boy :)

  Our last show till now was CAC Trbovlje, a show debut for our ''Asi''- Aydeen Ace of Spades. She did very well, behaving really nicely and got a lovely description with very promising 1st! This time I handled Androma Lord of the Rings, who won CAC and BOB!!

New additions to the kennel, check under ''My dogs'' section ;)


  8.5.2011 ::: CACIB Maribor

  After the first part of the finals in school I had to have some fun. This time Lord and I went to a dog show in Maribor. The judge was Andras Korozs, H and we got excellent 3 in open class. I also had the pleasure to handle Andreja's beautiful blue princess Noemi, who got excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior in youth class and was later also shortlisted in BIS Junior from all breeds. A true show girl, I'm very proud of her :)


  21.4.2011 ::: A litter

  Finally, they've arrived! On Thursday I got the best before-Easter surprise ever! Ruby gave birth to 7 puppies, 1 boy and 6 girls! More ->

  17.4.2011 ::: CAC Barje

  Lord is back in the show rings! First show we planned to attend was CAC Barje (judge Lidija Okleščen, SLO).. Lord got exc. 1, CAC in open class!


  23.3.2011 ::: Lord at stud, Ruby successfully pregnant

  The ultrasound confirmed Ruby's pregnancy!! This is a dream come true! More ->

  Lord was evaluated excellent A at the breeding examination. Now he's available as a stud to quality girls ;)

  21.2.2011 ::: Expected litter

  The right time finally arrived, Ruby was successfully mated with a beautiful young sable dog, Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane. We hope for the first puppies in Aydeen in April! More ->
  1.12.2010 ::: Kennel name
  FCI accepted my kennel name :) AYDEEN COLLIES ... my dream come true!!

  16.10.2010 ::: Breeding exam & puppy plans

  Ruby successfully passed the breeding exam by being assessed as excellent, A, which is the best grade a dog can get :) Puppies planned in spring 2011! More information under puppies.

  1.10.2010 ::: EuroDog

  Just had the chance to meet some of my ''online'' friends from all over Europe, seen many dogs and got placed exc. 3 in intermedia at the special show. It was a lovely weekend!

  18.8.2010 ::: Ruby's  HD result

  After some waiting I finally got the official results of Ruby's hips x-ray, she is HD-A/A! I am so so happy :)
  7.8.2010 ::: Show results and puppies

  Ruby went on 2 shows with her breeder Andreja, CAC Knin & CAC Sinj in Croatia. She returned with 2x CAC, which makes us closer to the champion title.   Thank you Andreja for taking Ruby with you and handling her so well!

  We also spent a few days at her breeder.. She had fun with all the dogs and I could experience the birth of their new litter, 6 beautiful babies. Don't hesitate to check their website, the puppies look beautiful! http://www.androma-collies.com

  9.7.2010 ::: Guestbook is online

  Guestbook is ready! Feel free to leave me an entry :)

  6.7.2010 ::: Hello new website

  It was time I made a new design for my website. Here it is and I hope you like it :) There is a lot of things that still have to be added though. Guestbook hasn't been made yet and Gallery is still empty with no photos. It will all be up soon, I promise. For now you can take a look at the rest of the pages. Enjoy your visit! :)